2013 in review

Brief Timeline:

  • Blacked out at a nightclub as a result of complete exhaustion post drinking and dancing all night after stag entry. Reached in morning in half asleep. Don’t remember much myself!
  • Weekend treks to interesting mountains of Western Ghats in the neighbourhood of Mumbai reaching state of saturation.
  • Got a custom domain of my own, courtesy: Directi.
  • Turned 23 years old.
  • Friday ritual of Movie + fooding out is going steady. Only thing people can be persuaded to come for!
  • Team outing with colleagues at office. First blood for actually pursuing extreme sports: Parasailing, Rafting. Feels good!
  • Friday night chill sessions at office coming with more cool stuff to witness. All good.
  • Learnt the power of reboot for a Software Developer while being on a permanent on-call. Getting vibes of possessing Brahmastra for all the bugs creeping in the systems during night.
  • Tried very enthusiastically to pursue long distance running as part of daily regimen. Finds the activity inherently boring. Sorry marathoners.
  • Bi-annual visit to home – part 1. Foundations for home continue to be laid firmly. Gotta keep sending all the money which can be spared. One final time running around offices of the pathetic administrative system of BIT. Get all documents done, applied to receive Degree by post. Pledges not to visit this place back unless he has to!
  • Almost every one has stopped doing things that we used to find exciting stating various obvious excuses. Many have left Mumbai and / or Company. Reminds himself that you’re born alone and you gonna die alone. Move along.
  • Join bunch of special interest groups via Meetup et al. Gotta find few people with genuine interests matching to mine. Finds it fascinating.
  • Starts roping down vertical face of big mountains.
  • Flew in sailplanes without engines at INR 187/-
  • Took up some light reading coupled with night treks.
  • Pushing hard at regular evening hour swimming. Gotta increase stamina for the upcoming big trip. Can swim up to half-kilometer in a single stretch. At ease with Freestyle and Breaststroke. Can float both ways too now.
  • Off to Himalayas for first Himalayan trek lasting 10 days. Went up to more than height of 15,000 feet. Stayed under awe of vast snow, slept in tents, walked till dropped dead.
  • Camped besides River Ganges in Rishikesh, jumped with just a rope attached to leg, rafted in super cold Ganges.
  • Completed a year working at Media.net. So much for my ridiculous plan of hopping jobs every 6 months!
  • It’s raining, mountains have turned to waterfalls. Gotta rappel down those waterfalls too!
  • More freshers in team at work. Feeling a little senior there too, eh?
  • Ideal monsoon season to trek few more mountains in Western Ghats. Get some more books under belt too.. yeah.
  • Everyone who made up a small group last year for doing wild things has moved out of Mumbai and / or, has lost all hope in anything other than plain old job. Gotta be motivated. Deserters gonna desert.
  • New social experiment to lure people into doing stuff. Let’s try a cuisine from a different culture each weekend. So many dishes out there to savor.
  • Can hardly find people genuinely excited about things out there. Start doing things all on own. Scary thing being, I’ve started to like it and rather prefer to go for these activities alone as opposed to trying to find people for the same, might not be able to come back to that humans being social animals shit!
  • Bi-annual visit to Family – 2. Can see almost completed bare-bone structure of house being built, cosmetic things remaining, which is gonna hog so much more resources!
  • Annual Performance Review cycle happens, finally, after so much delay. Not bad.
  • Hey, someone found a Groupon deal for Sailing. What are we waiting for?
  • No shave November is here. Stop shaving all that hair on yer face yo that you didn’t care about anyways.
  • Annual Campus Recruitment season for freshers has arrived again. More travel to all those colleges, trying very hard to hire some chicks in the Software Engineering department at otherwise green office.
  • Never getting a chance to travel the North-East man. Now’s the time. Let’s backpack all those 7 states in 7 days with just a return ticket booked to Guwahati in the name of travel plan. Turned out a bit doable but, ambitious, Made it to 4 states after using up a lot of time travelling to remote, not so well-connected, mountainy regions. Amazing things happen to you when you try something like this. Amazing people to meet, cool places to discover, weird items to eat, cheapest places to spend the night and so many things to talk about. Phew.. that was fun :)
  • What’s next on bucket list? There’s best in country places just in 150 km radius to start learning to soar in the air like a bird. Bit pricy yo, screw that man! Complete ‘Student Pilot’ rating, more to come ahead.
  • Write everything that you remember to keep track of your bucket list and plan next adventures to pursue in life ahead. Hoping things will get only better from this point.

Things I missed out in 2013:

  • Reading. I don’t know how but, I get this feeling that I’m missing out on so much by not being able to read enough books as per my personal target. Though, I read a whole lot of stuff everyday while browsing around web a minimum of 3-4 hours covering a wide variety of areas. But, there is something about those classics. Gotta try harder there to make time for it regularly.
    Target: 1+ books / week.
  • Writing. I can’t even believe that this is going to be the first and, sadly last post I’ve written in entire 2013. I’ve like half-dozen drafts stored that I tried composing at different times. Each time, I start all pumped up, write a couple of paragraphs, lose interest, covert it to a tweet or status and post it in that format! Gotta work harder there to be regular.
    Target: 2+ posts / month.

All in all, this has been a kickass year. Well, more or less! I just hope there are plenty of new experiences to last this lifetime.

Happy New Year 2014!

2012 in review

Haven’t written much on this blog this year. Still, It endures! Thank you Visitors :)

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 5,500 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 9 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

How good is BIT Mesra as a College?

I answered this question few months back on Quora.
Recently, I’ve been asked for my opinion on various topics about BIT, college life in there, people, faculty, placements etc.
Many have pinged, mailed and, even called for insight about it. I guess, reading on web should be the easiest way to find out about it. So here is the repost.

Read Quote of Sitesh Shrivastava’s answer to How good is BIT Mesra as a college? on Quora

On a neutral note Yes, BIT is indeed one of the premier colleges in India for Engineering. It has constantly been hanging around 13-14 rank on most of the lists for some time now.
Sadly, about Infrastructure I can’t say much. After being built around state of art during initial years it lacks continuing renovation, updating. So don’t mind trying out antiques over here. Same holds true for Research Facilities too. Not much focus is given on it. Studies basically are degree-oriented to make you an Degree holder Engineer.
Best part about it are Students, coming from a rigorous Entrance Test (AIEEE, till now). One can definitely enjoy good company, at least in Intellectual sense.
Placements have also been phenomenal and is only getting better with time. Software / IT oriented firms visit in abundance along with International placements.
Another thing that holds it back is Location. Because of that, Adequate Exposure isn’t available. Hence, a lot depends on your sustainability and curiosity out of the box.

Feel free to contact me about anything (meaningful) in further detail via any medium mentioned here in that preference order and, I’ll get back to you ASAP.

I absolutely love to write back those eMails :)


Long Time, No See?
Well, What you know.. A transition, literally, was indeed required to snap out of the moronic phase of nothingness.

Lets review how the things have been in these past months, are at present and what I hope to accomplish in near future in several fronts:

  • Enthusiasm
  • I mention is first, because this was the major factor, lack of which caused a cascaded loss of one to many of the essentials One needs to feel alive. Starting afresh at a different place, in different role, among different audience has had a very soothing effect.
    Just like Jobs says, Starting fresh took away all the burden of expectations of others, fear of rapport and worry about making correct decision. I’m again at the lowest level of Food Chain. There’s no scope of slipping down, none at all. All there is, to go up. I can make What, When, Where and How kind of decisions without worrying a bit!
    In short, I’m brimming with this new found or long lost Energy and hope to keep it this time sealed with me for good :)

  • Professional
  • Oh, Did I mention I ain’t no more a Undergrad. I’ve been a professional for last 18+ weeks, in the Software Industry now, first at Amazon and then Directi, combined.
    SDE Intern -> SD Trainee -> Software Developer.
    I’ve observed, The most important thing, People love to work in these kind of challenging jobs is because every time you take a take a look around and you know that you’re still no where near. You want to be a Ninja like ‘em and that force is strong enough for the push!
    I don’t feel like sticking to my long recurring favored parts of tech no more. I’m willing to go out of comfort zone to build stuff, Learn the things for that whatever it asks. I’ve learnt a plethora of technologies, concepts and ideas in these months ranging from a huge cluster of customized software stack on Companies requirements to vastness of Open Source Stuff #FTW :)
    I’m trying / succeeding to see, what I really want from a job and reaching out to grab it!

  • Family
  • Well, This front hasn’t received much attention, I guess. Has been a sad period though. In this short term, We’ve lost two of the relatives in quick succession in a sad untimely tragedies :( People are still recovering.
    And yeah, My parents consider me a little grown up now I guess. I’m at the fore front of meeting grooms in arranging marriage of one of my sisters, definitely not my piece of cake! Says the boy, who still thinks boobs are the best feature in a chick, Don’t you agree?

  • Mindset
  • I’ve open sourced it again pretty much. I don’t shut out anything anymore. I welcome, listen, reason, analyze and accept what others have to say too. I don’t avoid those opinionated, biased, dejected ideologies but give ‘em a fair chance. Or, maybe People aren’t that bad anymore? During this period of stay, have met some people with pretty cool and unique perspectives and have thoroughly enjoyed ‘em.
    Well, emotionally I guess, I’ve reached the stage of Apatheia compared to Apathy from around a year ago, that’s cool right?
    Oh, another thing came out from all this is that I’m definitely not a believer even more not a Theist.

  • Hobbies
  • I always had a lots of plans before doing any of them. So right now, I’m trying out several of them and en route creating an ideal bundle for my taste.
    I’ve been trying out swimming, sports, outings, movies, reading, sleeping, fooding in various scenarios. I like many of ‘em but yet to come with and ideal set for spending a great weekend!
    After completing a Golden Jubilee of TV Series, I don’t have much stuff to do there. Also, I always wanted to read stuff, not blogs etc but classics, novels, autobiography, philosophy etc in a structured way of reading. Guess what, Received a Kindle Touch, a collection of 2500+ classic Kindle Book Collection and now onto Voracious Reading.
    Also, In search of some Adventure Sports in and around Mumbai for weekends, any suggestions?

  • Surroundings
  • I’ve to agree, this has been getting better and better since leaving college. Imagine, the fantasy of being in the same pool with those babes in their swimming costumes, Girls Next Door, Office brimming of human greenery, facilities you desired in one place, all coming true. Boy, that is it!
    Courtesy of Employers, had great times staying at places viz Trinity Isle, Red Fox and Lalco etc.
    Though, Traffic has some serious issues around here. I find myself figuring out bus numbers and next station more often than I think!

BTW, These days I live in Mumbai. Feel free to ping me for a spin if you’re in the vicinity.

Rest assured, all good, in time. Let me know things at your end in the comments :)



One month short, This Blog becomes 2 year old. Being a Stats Junkie, briefly:

  • ~2 Years
  • ~50 Posts
  • ~100 Countries
  • ~5,000 Distinct Visitors
  • ~12,000 Hits

In brief, that pretty much covers its journey till date. It’s been really awesome to rant about anything, anytime in anyway I want to make it happen! I’ve come so far from the point where it all started. So much have I learnt, shared and discussed that will always be with me for lifetime.

You guys have been one of the major sources of inspiration that drives me to write. Well not only that, the infrequency of writing is driven from you folks too ;)

Just writing here has given me a platform to reach out to Junta that was very much invisible until 2 years ago. It generates a sense of pride, satisfaction and rush in veins when certain someone shakes hand out of blue and commends how helpful that paragraph was for him / her for what he / she was about to face and nailed it!

So Folks, Keep hitting, reading, commenting, sharing and criticizing (Or, recommending otherwise).

CSE ’08 Placement Stats

This one post was due writing since very first day of final year of Undergrads. I so much wanted to compile and put up stats of how whole CSE stood when measured against various parameters. Well what you know, last days at college allows you do things you never could have done under normal circumstances.

Anyhow, lets get back to the real point of this post. Here is tentative list of All CSE students who sat for placements this year at TnP and got placements too. Guess what? CSE ’08 holds a perfect 100% placement record among those eligible for sitting in On-Campus Placements :)

I’ve tried to take the best possible options into considerations for each person and selected the ones which IMHO they intend to join.
Here is the list :

Directi		-Gourav Roy, Sitesh Shrivastava, Neeraj Pathak
Goldman Sachs	-Rajani Singh, Swetha T.
ZS Associates	-Vrashank Jain, Aditi Rungta
SEL		-Rishika Sharan
Deloitte	-Prayank Shukla
Tata Technology	-Utkarsh Mishra, Pravat Nanda
Tejas Networks	-Chaitanya Mitash, Pooja Pandey
Aricent		-Shitesh Chourasiya, Saurabh Kumar
Cognizant	-Mathew Kuruvila, Manjusha Kumari, Madhurima Sahu, Prashant Khalkho,
                 Anand Gautam, Sujal Mandal, Harjot Chance, Samant Kumar, Nisha Kumari
Infosys		-Akshay Toppo, Ashwin Mishra, Rahul Kumar
SAP Labs	-Anmol Kapoor, Nikita Chowdhury
Amdocs		-Abhishek Kumar, Samson Xess
Yahoo!		-Ravi Shukla
SISO		-Sushant Pandey, Abhishek Kumar
Mu Sigma	-Arti Singh
Microsoft	-Nitant Singh
Sapient		-Arko De, Chetan Ambasta, Anisha Damani, Ashwini Kumar
Headstrong	-Deshna Jain
Tata MTS	-Amit Dixit, Neeharika Nidadavolu, Anupriya Nayak
Ericcson	-Tummala Pradeep
Nomura		-Nandini Patowari
Unisys		-Anubha Rani, Ramandeep Bansal, Chandan Kumar
Verizon		-Nishant Ankur
Damodar VC	-Kumar Nitish
Atos Origin	-Rajesh Kumar
Sony Software	-Rahul Prasad
Oracle		-Abhishek Ranjan
CA Technologies	-Nitesh Vishnoi, Manish Kumar, Mridula Priya, Anuradha Majhi
Flipkart	-Pratyush Verma

OK, now’s the fun part. Thanks to Pratyush, We were to able to access Student Database stored at TnP portal and collect some interesting backgrounds about batch mates and after a brainstorming session, we narrowed down few parameters to tinker with. Then, some Spreadsheet Magic, Matlab Codes, Plots and Voila! We successfully extracted few interesting patterns about how they faired in Placements :)

First in the list is so hyped CGPA. Everyone around seems to have no idea about the CGPA for his/her ideal Job, s/he should aim for and keep going in rounds hopelessly. Here are some solid stats about CSE ’08. IMO, 6.75 – 7.75 is good enough (Ideally 7.00 – 7.50)!

Next is stats about average CTC offered to students falling in specific range of CGPA. We broke into segments of 0.25 and rest is all in picture!

Now, In case you’re a Boy and are Overwhelmed by Girls performance in Exams here’s some good news, We still lead the pack at the end :) To Girls, Not for a moment get on clouds that you came so close to us! :P

Also, Much is bragged about the potential based on Entrance Exam Scores, Please don’t flatter yourself just now, you still got long way to go! We have already witnessed Branch Opener (AIR ~3,000) wither and Branch Closer (AIR ~1,72,000) blossom.. :|

Yeah I agree, this one is completely worthless. But, couldn’t hold back the idea that your birth stars might just have a lucky break on The Day or they might be pissed at you just then! So, don’t forget to curse your parents for love-making on those weird nights if you got Unlucky (Or, Appreciate otherwise) :D


  • Ah.. Feels good to write something after such waste of past many weeks!
  • Pratyush & I have compiled all this data with utmost care. Still, In case anyone is missed out or wants to change something somewhere, let me know, will do the needful. :)
  • Completely psyched about the idea of starting fresh all over again. My personal countdown has begun and today is T-15 :)
  • Hat Trick

    This is a celebratory post after winning 3rd consecutive time in a row in Hammer Throw in the institute. In case you have no idea about what I am talking about check out that wiki article for a minute, please.

    This feat is auspicious for me because,

    1. This thing is definitely outside my comfort zone. I, from very beginning, have been a geeky student and I do these Co-Curricular Activities for the sheer purpose of entertainment to get away from the regular schedule.
    2. Another thing is I have risen from Novice to Expert in these years. From not knowing how to hold it in hand in 1st year to display of proper way in 4th. Feels great to have come this far, this way.

    Only thing I couldn’t make happen was to break 40+ years old institute record. I guess our generation is no match in strength as those fresh & nutritious meal takers back then. And, muscles built in Gym are just a matter of display, not worth using in real world!

    In case, you want to savor this feat and get into Gossip mode, join Hammer Man. (Courtesy, My Good Old Friend & Neighbor). Title was awarded to me after 1st win during 2nd year by team-mates!


    • Cleared 7th a.k.a 2nd last semester just fine. May thy College be blessed with such wisdom more and more in future.
    • I’m getting a hang of interviews. In case you belong to a firm which is looking forward to hire Fresh Grads, feel free to contact me. I’ll love to do it, at least, for the sole purpose of Adrenalin Rush that it brings along!
    • Just realized that I have never celebrated a Valentine’s Day with a Real Girl with Real Intentions ever. Interested? Get in touch, now!