Hat Trick

This is a celebratory post after winning 3rd consecutive time in a row in Hammer Throw in the institute. In case you have no idea about what I am talking about check out that wiki article for a minute, please.

This feat is auspicious for me because,

  1. This thing is definitely outside my comfort zone. I, from very beginning, have been a geeky student and I do these Co-Curricular Activities for the sheer purpose of entertainment to get away from the regular schedule.
  2. Another thing is I have risen from Novice to Expert in these years. From not knowing how to hold it in hand in 1st year to display of proper way in 4th. Feels great to have come this far, this way.

Only thing I couldn’t make happen was to break 40+ years old institute record. I guess our generation is no match in strength as those fresh & nutritious meal takers back then. And, muscles built in Gym are just a matter of display, not worth using in real world!

In case, you want to savor this feat and get into Gossip mode, join Hammer Man. (Courtesy, My Good Old Friend & Neighbor). Title was awarded to me after 1st win during 2nd year by team-mates!


  • Cleared 7th a.k.a 2nd last semester just fine. May thy College be blessed with such wisdom more and more in future.
  • I’m getting a hang of interviews. In case you belong to a firm which is looking forward to hire Fresh Grads, feel free to contact me. I’ll love to do it, at least, for the sole purpose of Adrenalin Rush that it brings along!
  • Just realized that I have never celebrated a Valentine’s Day with a Real Girl with Real Intentions ever. Interested? Get in touch, now!
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