CSE ’08 Placement Stats

This one post was due writing since very first day of final year of Undergrads. I so much wanted to compile and put up stats of how whole CSE stood when measured against various parameters. Well what you know, last days at college allows you do things you never could have done under normal circumstances.

Anyhow, lets get back to the real point of this post. Here is tentative list of All CSE students who sat for placements this year at TnP and got placements too. Guess what? CSE ’08 holds a perfect 100% placement record among those eligible for sitting in On-Campus Placements :)

I’ve tried to take the best possible options into considerations for each person and selected the ones which IMHO they intend to join.
Here is the list :

Directi		-Gourav Roy, Sitesh Shrivastava, Neeraj Pathak
Goldman Sachs	-Rajani Singh, Swetha T.
ZS Associates	-Vrashank Jain, Aditi Rungta
SEL		-Rishika Sharan
Deloitte	-Prayank Shukla
Tata Technology	-Utkarsh Mishra, Pravat Nanda
Tejas Networks	-Chaitanya Mitash, Pooja Pandey
Aricent		-Shitesh Chourasiya, Saurabh Kumar
Cognizant	-Mathew Kuruvila, Manjusha Kumari, Madhurima Sahu, Prashant Khalkho,
                 Anand Gautam, Sujal Mandal, Harjot Chance, Samant Kumar, Nisha Kumari
Infosys		-Akshay Toppo, Ashwin Mishra, Rahul Kumar
SAP Labs	-Anmol Kapoor, Nikita Chowdhury
Amdocs		-Abhishek Kumar, Samson Xess
Yahoo!		-Ravi Shukla
SISO		-Sushant Pandey, Abhishek Kumar
Mu Sigma	-Arti Singh
Microsoft	-Nitant Singh
Sapient		-Arko De, Chetan Ambasta, Anisha Damani, Ashwini Kumar
Headstrong	-Deshna Jain
Tata MTS	-Amit Dixit, Neeharika Nidadavolu, Anupriya Nayak
Ericcson	-Tummala Pradeep
Nomura		-Nandini Patowari
Unisys		-Anubha Rani, Ramandeep Bansal, Chandan Kumar
Verizon		-Nishant Ankur
Damodar VC	-Kumar Nitish
Atos Origin	-Rajesh Kumar
Sony Software	-Rahul Prasad
Oracle		-Abhishek Ranjan
CA Technologies	-Nitesh Vishnoi, Manish Kumar, Mridula Priya, Anuradha Majhi
Flipkart	-Pratyush Verma

OK, now’s the fun part. Thanks to Pratyush, We were to able to access Student Database stored at TnP portal and collect some interesting backgrounds about batch mates and after a brainstorming session, we narrowed down few parameters to tinker with. Then, some Spreadsheet Magic, Matlab Codes, Plots and Voila! We successfully extracted few interesting patterns about how they faired in Placements :)

First in the list is so hyped CGPA. Everyone around seems to have no idea about the CGPA for his/her ideal Job, s/he should aim for and keep going in rounds hopelessly. Here are some solid stats about CSE ’08. IMO, 6.75 – 7.75 is good enough (Ideally 7.00 – 7.50)!

Next is stats about average CTC offered to students falling in specific range of CGPA. We broke into segments of 0.25 and rest is all in picture!

Now, In case you’re a Boy and are Overwhelmed by Girls performance in Exams here’s some good news, We still lead the pack at the end :) To Girls, Not for a moment get on clouds that you came so close to us! :P

Also, Much is bragged about the potential based on Entrance Exam Scores, Please don’t flatter yourself just now, you still got long way to go! We have already witnessed Branch Opener (AIR ~3,000) wither and Branch Closer (AIR ~1,72,000) blossom.. :|

Yeah I agree, this one is completely worthless. But, couldn’t hold back the idea that your birth stars might just have a lucky break on The Day or they might be pissed at you just then! So, don’t forget to curse your parents for love-making on those weird nights if you got Unlucky (Or, Appreciate otherwise) :D


  • Ah.. Feels good to write something after such waste of past many weeks!
  • Pratyush & I have compiled all this data with utmost care. Still, In case anyone is missed out or wants to change something somewhere, let me know, will do the needful. :)
  • Completely psyched about the idea of starting fresh all over again. My personal countdown has begun and today is T-15 :)
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    32 thoughts on “CSE ’08 Placement Stats

    1. Wow … This article can go down in our history as a nice piece of memorabilia … Three cheers to our CSE peers … Great job, sitz!

      • I would have easily done that but, many students have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with respective employers about all that stuff. So, can’t really post all that publicly! Sorry about that :(
        You can still contact ‘em in person to know about that or sites like http://glassdoor.com etc :)

    2. hey gr88 job man!! really u tuk all parameters into consideration and came up wid a brilliant analysis…:)

      • :D Just don’t add him as Friend or to this group, Rest’ll be well!
        BTW, I’ve maintained enough anonymity regarding Company offers, none of NDA, if any, should be violated, right?

    3. damm it !! i knew there was something wrong with september !! ultimate analysis !! ECE ke liye bhi karo na pls :)

      • Make sure to follow my suggestion for misfate there.. ;)
        Well, I doubt even God is capable of dealing with ECE… My condolences about that! :P

    4. Correlation might be mathematically intriguing but cannot be justified…You could have compared state wise placement stats and then justified that a particular state is better than the other… neglecting some facts like if the no of people from a particular state are more than probability of getting higher CTC is more…or the reverse i.e. probability might be low also.. as the no of high CTC offering companies are less….Same can be the case with female and male comparison.. Secondly if you segregate based on the no of people appearing and no of people being selected it would be a different comparison… But I must say an interesting data analysis…

      • I agree to some extent but, numbers are all one asks for, no? I personally differ from the general opinion but you can’t convince every dumb-ass about it!
        Definitely, there are many unseen / unspoken factors behind every persons’ success / failure. Yet we try to move on about it, right?
        Finally, this post was all about for sheer fun and little bit of pride in announcing overall success. Sit back and enjoy :)

    5. Hello,
      Have you used a software for drawing the graphs or you wrote a full-fledged framework for fetching data from database and plotting them on a scale?
      But definitely nice work.


      • Hey,
        Things were mostly done using Matlab / Octave. It pretty much provides utilities for loading data, transforming and graphing functionalities.

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