Long Time, No See?
Well, What you know.. A transition, literally, was indeed required to snap out of the moronic phase of nothingness.

Lets review how the things have been in these past months, are at present and what I hope to accomplish in near future in several fronts:

  • Enthusiasm
  • I mention is first, because this was the major factor, lack of which caused a cascaded loss of one to many of the essentials One needs to feel alive. Starting afresh at a different place, in different role, among different audience has had a very soothing effect.
    Just like Jobs says, Starting fresh took away all the burden of expectations of others, fear of rapport and worry about making correct decision. I’m again at the lowest level of Food Chain. There’s no scope of slipping down, none at all. All there is, to go up. I can make What, When, Where and How kind of decisions without worrying a bit!
    In short, I’m brimming with this new found or long lost Energy and hope to keep it this time sealed with me for good :)

  • Professional
  • Oh, Did I mention I ain’t no more a Undergrad. I’ve been a professional for last 18+ weeks, in the Software Industry now, first at Amazon and then Directi, combined.
    SDE Intern -> SD Trainee -> Software Developer.
    I’ve observed, The most important thing, People love to work in these kind of challenging jobs is because every time you take a take a look around and you know that you’re still no where near. You want to be a Ninja like ‘em and that force is strong enough for the push!
    I don’t feel like sticking to my long recurring favored parts of tech no more. I’m willing to go out of comfort zone to build stuff, Learn the things for that whatever it asks. I’ve learnt a plethora of technologies, concepts and ideas in these months ranging from a huge cluster of customized software stack on Companies requirements to vastness of Open Source Stuff #FTW :)
    I’m trying / succeeding to see, what I really want from a job and reaching out to grab it!

  • Family
  • Well, This front hasn’t received much attention, I guess. Has been a sad period though. In this short term, We’ve lost two of the relatives in quick succession in a sad untimely tragedies :( People are still recovering.
    And yeah, My parents consider me a little grown up now I guess. I’m at the fore front of meeting grooms in arranging marriage of one of my sisters, definitely not my piece of cake! Says the boy, who still thinks boobs are the best feature in a chick, Don’t you agree?

  • Mindset
  • I’ve open sourced it again pretty much. I don’t shut out anything anymore. I welcome, listen, reason, analyze and accept what others have to say too. I don’t avoid those opinionated, biased, dejected ideologies but give ‘em a fair chance. Or, maybe People aren’t that bad anymore? During this period of stay, have met some people with pretty cool and unique perspectives and have thoroughly enjoyed ‘em.
    Well, emotionally I guess, I’ve reached the stage of Apatheia compared to Apathy from around a year ago, that’s cool right?
    Oh, another thing came out from all this is that I’m definitely not a believer even more not a Theist.

  • Hobbies
  • I always had a lots of plans before doing any of them. So right now, I’m trying out several of them and en route creating an ideal bundle for my taste.
    I’ve been trying out swimming, sports, outings, movies, reading, sleeping, fooding in various scenarios. I like many of ‘em but yet to come with and ideal set for spending a great weekend!
    After completing a Golden Jubilee of TV Series, I don’t have much stuff to do there. Also, I always wanted to read stuff, not blogs etc but classics, novels, autobiography, philosophy etc in a structured way of reading. Guess what, Received a Kindle Touch, a collection of 2500+ classic Kindle Book Collection and now onto Voracious Reading.
    Also, In search of some Adventure Sports in and around Mumbai for weekends, any suggestions?

  • Surroundings
  • I’ve to agree, this has been getting better and better since leaving college. Imagine, the fantasy of being in the same pool with those babes in their swimming costumes, Girls Next Door, Office brimming of human greenery, facilities you desired in one place, all coming true. Boy, that is it!
    Courtesy of Employers, had great times staying at places viz Trinity Isle, Red Fox and Lalco etc.
    Though, Traffic has some serious issues around here. I find myself figuring out bus numbers and next station more often than I think!

BTW, These days I live in Mumbai. Feel free to ping me for a spin if you’re in the vicinity.

Rest assured, all good, in time. Let me know things at your end in the comments :)


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